Sawyers Brunch Menu

Time to brunch…

Serving our fluffy pancakes, breakfast burgers and Sawyers big grill!

Please see menu served 10am until 3pm Saturday and Sunday…


Served 10am – 3pm Saturday & Sunday

Sawyers Big Grill

Crispy bacon, pork sausages, fried eggs, baked beans,

Beef tomato wedge, mushrooms and a slice of toast £7.95


The Veggie Grill

Halloumi, Glamorgan sausages, fried eggs, baked beans,

Beef tomato wedge, mushrooms and a slice toast £7.95

Extra Toast 60p Fries £2.25


Breakfast Burgers (all served in a toasted bagel)

The full hit 6oz beef patty, topped with bacon, sausage, fried egg,

grilled Beef tomato wedge served with a potato rosti skewer £8.95

Veggie Falafel burger, halloumi, Glamorgan sausage, fried egg

a grilled tomato wedge served with potato rosti skewer £8.95

The classic 6oz beef patty topped with a fried egg and bacon £6.95


Breakfast Pizza

12’’ Tomato sauce base, bacon, pork sausage,

Mushrooms and topped with a fried egg & mozzarella £8.95

12’’ Tomato sauce base, halloumi, Glamorgan sausage,

Fried egg, mushrooms & mozzarella £8.95


Breakfast hash

Pan fried crushed new potatoes,& red onions topped with …..

Bacon and eggs £6.95

Halloumi and eggs £7.95



Generously coated in butter & maple syrup

Half stack 3 £4.95

Full stack 6 £6.95

Add bacon £1.50


3 Egg Omelettes

Bacon and cheese £3.95

Cheese and onion £3.45

Cheese and Tomato £3.45

Cheese & Mushroom £3.45

Side of fries £2.25

Toast & butter 60p



Espresso £1.60

Americano £1.80

Latte £2.00

Cappuccino £2.00

Flat white £2.00

Macchiato £1.80

Mocha £2.20

Tea choose from… £1.80

Hot chocolate £2.20

Add cream & mallows for 50p


The Shakes £3.95

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry & banana


Juices £1.85

Orange, apple, pineapple or cranberry

breakfast, fruit, peppermint,

earl grey, green tea, decaffeinated

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